Monday, June 13, 2011

In the moment

I was sitting by the river looking across at the Detroit skyline and having a moment.
We learn in recovery that living in the moment is part of the process.I sat for 45 minutes
and then wrote as follows .

Well , just watch the boat .

” Watch the boat”?

Yes watch the boat !
What  just watch the boat ?

Well, not just the boat; the river too .
Ok ,the river too .
Where's the boat?
What about the crane .?
There is no boat .
So , just watch the crane !!!
Here’s a boat .Look there’s some people .
No, they are just the guards
 Yes but guards are people .
But the boat is gone .
Just watch the river!!!
I’ll watch the river and the buildings too .
What about the crane.
I like the crane but here’s a boat.
I 'll just watch the boat .

Then I sketched a picture of the crane which I have not been able to scan yet .do it later