Monday, August 22, 2011

Blank page

I had to delete something .So then I am left with this blank page with no ideas and no reason to write .
At least when she sleeps she  keeps still .

learning to draw

You will find a few drawings below

Click on the picture to enlarge

I had to to mess with the contrast because pencil drawings don't come out well on the scanner

Don't spill paint on the bed !!!

Paint Bedroom before bedtime

Jean and Charles

Jean Lafleur and myself


Most of the time my life sketches are quick studies because the subject is not aware that I am drawing them and they just get up and leave before I'm done .
When my subject moves too much I give up.On this occasion she was concentrating on her nails  and stayed fairly still (for her )

Spying in the park

Park Bench  

Detroit river looking towards Belle Isle Man fishing

Copied from book "Drawing from the right side of the brain "
was instructed to turn upside down and then copy, a trick that forgers use .
Also included a view through my balcony door with cup
Isaac Asimov magazine  , " Writers Digest "cover, which I found at the Windsor bus station dated 1986 .His essay inside discusses the role of the writer with the advent of the personal computer .It was like I found a piece of History lying discarded on the floor amongst soiled bus tickets and sandwich wrappers

Attempt to Draw Bill Mahr and lady Gaga from tv
Friend bob and Cleo kitten
Friend Greg with soda
Krystal waif, life sketch
Copied from photo ( Jen  ,left,and Madison )
Jean Lafleur life drawing

Jackson ( son of Jen )

Life on life's terms
Where is the sun today.

That shadow on the wall tells me where

Early on the street quiet houses sleep

And a car pulls in from night shift

He sits on the veranda with a cigarette for company

Not ready for the lonely day

behind a screen door a dog  sits staring

And I  stare back rocking gently on the swing chair sipping coffee,

Thinking, this is beautiful ,

But I have to go in and do the dishes

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smoke room

Throw the dice
Shall I throw the seven ?
Just pick em up
What about the craps
O K bet the craps
Just throw the dice
I'll try and throw eleven
Be happy with a six
Heck I threw a craps
I told you bet the craps
Now I threw a seven
So you lost the dice
What about the money
Forget the money you didn't win
I want to try again
Forget it lets get a coffee

Monday, June 13, 2011

In the moment

I was sitting by the river looking across at the Detroit skyline and having a moment.
We learn in recovery that living in the moment is part of the process.I sat for 45 minutes
and then wrote as follows .

Well , just watch the boat .

” Watch the boat”?

Yes watch the boat !
What  just watch the boat ?

Well, not just the boat; the river too .
Ok ,the river too .
Where's the boat?
What about the crane .?
There is no boat .
So , just watch the crane !!!
Here’s a boat .Look there’s some people .
No, they are just the guards
 Yes but guards are people .
But the boat is gone .
Just watch the river!!!
I’ll watch the river and the buildings too .
What about the crane.
I like the crane but here’s a boat.
I 'll just watch the boat .

Then I sketched a picture of the crane which I have not been able to scan yet .do it later

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob C
some scribble
this is actually one picture but failed to connect the two halves after scanning .A view from Jen's living room.

When I started drawing I just intended to draw  a street scene and considered it kind of tedious to include the drapes,  awning ,window frame and all the stuff inside the living room especially the pieces of paper strewn on the table but then I really started to enjoy myself and the street became almost secondary to my original theme.It is amazing because I had no real plan and it kind of all came together .The two frames on the table
are photos of Lillian my Mother and Connie ,my wife 
.So this is for you girls


Saturday, April 23, 2011

bob sleep

good girl


This is something I wrote a long time ago .In my opinion it is somewhat contrived and immature and certainly not literary . Since it has been 25 years since I wrote this I still feel that it expresses some truth about myself and when I read it to my friends they seem to relate or laugh .Some of my stuff comes out well when read aloud with some emotion .


I fell upon a heap of gold
Being old I had no need of gold
To late my limbs were weak and body cold .

I fell upon a heap of dames,
and lived a life of fun and games .
To some it seemed a life of bliss .
Naught to me  but one long kiss .

I fell upon a heap of friends .
A happy time just holding hands .
I soon got blisters on my palm,
And hid a wish to someone harm

I fell upon a heap of plenty,
It was always full and never empty.
I drank it up like a gulping fish .
I never dreamed nor something wish

I fell upon a heap of dust ,
From this I grew as something must .
I saw myself in many things ,
Twas me twas dust to all it clings .

(yuk  it sounds corny to me now but it relates to things that have happened since I wrote it )