Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm working on a 17 story condominium apartment building where theft of materials and tools has become a major problem .The owner called a meeting of all subcontractors and raised the hold back on payables from 10 to 20% with an abusive threat that if we objected we could leave immediately . About 70 attended the meeting , so on a rough calculation the builder is now holding back $14000.00 on a weekly basis . A hold back is designed to protect the builder from poor quality work and non performance of contractual obligations and the builder is now using it as a collective punishment for the wrongs of individuals .If I leave the job , I risk losing the value of work in progress plus any hold back that I have coming to me . I'm staying because there's not much work at the moment and I need whatever money that comes in . I'm trying not to be angry or resentful about this because my attitude at work will suffer and I'll probably get fired anyway .

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