Sunday, January 07, 2007

I have 'nt posted because I've simply been too tired since starting this condo job .This job has been different in respect that instead of working alone in some new house on an empty street I get to meet others in my trade who are working in the same building . I get to share with others the trials and tribulations of the drywaller who is often considered the trash of the trades mainly because we are very independent contractors who don't have to write a qualifying ticket , our qualification is our work . I made friends with G a drywall taper like myself and we have shared together about our lives in construction . G is fussy about his work it's the best I've seen , something to be admired .
We have shared some personal stuff because somehow we developed a trust between us and so now we have a kind of alliance with respect to survival in the job environment . As individual independent sub contractors we are kind of in competition with each other and and there can be a measure of distrust between us . Basically we want all the work for ourselves and don't want to share and this is especially true when work is in short supply .The builders like this because we don't present solidarity when it comes to negotiating prices for our work . G and I exchange information and try to watch out for ourselves trying to get the best paying easiest work .

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