Monday, March 22, 2010

Sylvia's garden

Let's take a walk in Sylvia's garden for a moment and follow the path through arches of vines and flowers entering a landscape arranged with scattered groups of once discarded stones, now reclaimed and placed in whimsical patterns amongst an array of trees and shrubs.

Throughout our walk we can share in Sylvia's world and experience for a while living in the moment, moment to moment without regret or expectation .

From the garden we enter the house where the past has been brought to the present and our eyes are bombarded with Sylvia's carefully ordered collections of books, paintings, family photos and heirlooms. Slumping gently into soft furniture we feel the atmosphere of creativity as a crackling fireplace warms our cheeks .

Many words come to mind as we connect with our mood, preserve , reclaim , create,
care and share and our thoughts culminate in the realization of love , meaning , and
purpose See Sylvia's work here

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