Monday, May 14, 2012

River morning

 Bright and crisp with a chill breeze as I walk down to the Detroit river with the sun low in the east about an hour after sunrise.On the way I encounter geese grazing on the lush spring grass  and hardly paying me attention as I walk by . As I reach the river a goose takes a hissing run at me because I have approached too close to a group of nine goslings who are also grazing and guarded by what must be two adult geese acting as baby sitters for the rest of the clan .Looking to the west an industrial complex fills  the skyline with smoke stacks cranes and sooty warehouses but contrasted against the brilliant morning light the scene seems almost beautiful .To the East there is the Ambassador Bridge silhouetted against the sunrise which sparkles on the high rise glass of the Detroit downtown and on the bridge slow moving trucks nose to to tail carrying their commerce both ways even at this early hour .I turn my head again to the West and here comes a rusty old lake ship lumbering silently towards me like a big old bathtub high out of the water having emptied its load somewhere back down river as
 the  ship glides by me small fishing dinghies bob up and down from the wash which has already reached the concrete dock where  I stand and the wave slaps up a little  spray at my feet. I was here recently attempting a sketch of the scene  before me but was not entirely satisfied with my work because the perspective did not seem quite right and now I am studying the suspension bridge wondering if I can tackle that drawing next time .

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