Wednesday, March 04, 2015

We have endured several weeks of beastly weather with temp.hovering around lows of -20 plus 18 inches of snow piled up on the side walks all over the City of Windsor .Today at last the slush has dried up and it is even pleasant to walk out in so  much milder weather .I have just returned from the library where I had been engrossed in the feb 2 edition of The New Yorker magazine . This is where I discovered an article about a Chinese man who has made his life's work a study of the peculiarities of prime numbers .Thus in my previous post I hurriedly recorded  one  particular prime 700666007 which reads same backwards and contains the so called mark of the beast 666  and is nicknamed as a beastly palindrome .I should say here that I consider the" mark of the beast " a vile superstition used by some to manipulate and spread fear .So consider this , this very humble and unassuming calculus teacher at a prestigious American university has made a momentous discovery regarding prime numbers the enormity of which is akin to sitting on a beach and actually counting out grains of sand to infinity .What I get from this is that there is probably no end to anything and there people out there  who give their whole lives  to prove that there is life everlasting .

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