Saturday, July 18, 2015


"Bricks", said Norman .
"But I wanted to do one of the the family or the dog even "Junior pleaded hopefully .
"Listen , I have a deadline , You don't need models for bricks and I can fill in the characters later . Help me out will you " .

Junior fidgeted  on the stool staring at a rough sketch  of the back   of a house ." Bricks are so tedious."  he grumbled ".How about a wash there has to be two thousand bricks on that wall "

"let me tell you, tedium can be your friend learn to love it .Imagine that you are the one building that house and so become the bricklayer. Start on the foundation one brick at a time and I don't want any of that impressionist wash garbage and watch your perspective as the side wall goes down  the alley and just  like the bricky keep that corner plumb ,got it?"

"Yes ok now I'm a bricklayer. Come on bring me mortar and throw me the level and plumb line we have a deadline to meet ."laughs Junior

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edo deweert said...

brilliant...oh, right, i have used this word before....oh, wtf, i'll use it again